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June 7, 2012
By ImaDreamer1291 BRONZE, Alton, New Hampshire
ImaDreamer1291 BRONZE, Alton, New Hampshire
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Words are such a small thing but when you match them up with an image, your mind is blown away. Like the word hope. For that, you can make your own image. It can be your Grammy in the hospital with cancer, it can be going to church every Sunday, it can be the face of your daughter coming home from school. It lights your way. Almost like a candle. You may think you know what a candle looks like but it doesn't always have to be a hunk of burning wax. It can be a person. An angel. Candles aren't the only ones to light your way. so whatever your “candle” nay be take it into the darkness and let it shine. your heart may just be a shape in your body to you, but with your hope and your special little candle,your heart can soar like a beautiful majestic bird. But sometimes, when your candle has been blown out, and your hope has died away, your heart will stop flapping its wings, and fall and squish. Like an overcooked marshmallow. Your own heart, once so pure and beautiful, now full of sadness and maybe even hatred all depending on what your hope was. It may feel like you’ve lost a dear friend. Maybe you did. Maybe your hope or candle was your dear friend and now their gone forever. You may never feel comfortable again, like your always being watched like wverything you do is caught on camera. Dont worry. Even though your hope has died, and your precious candle put out, and you feel all alone, you will be able to start over. You can have a new begining, with a new candle, and a new hope. All because, of words.

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