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May 10, 2012
By D.Rose BRONZE, Centerville, Massachusetts
D.Rose BRONZE, Centerville, Massachusetts
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"At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet." Plato

This is completely my opinion. How to tell her/him you like them, this is a touchy subject. not because of it being awkward, not at all. But, The "Aftermath." of those words "I like you." I mean, if you say it barley knowing him/her, in most cases (unless you are A. Good looking, Or B. Very Popular.) you're screwed. But, if you take baby steps with him/her you'll find a common interest. Say for example you both love art. use this to you're advantage to start a conversation. Say you our him/her just made a beautiful sculpture, ask "What did you do to make this" or "This is very interesting because_____" you fill in the blank with something that looks interesting, start a conversation, and ask questions. Now let's move on. How to tell if she/he likes you. now this aren't the best ways, but they work. As example, compliment her hair, now this is for guys, I've done this my self, and I'm positive the girl i said this to likes me. now I'm not attractive. But, i know how the girls mind works, I've dealt with women forever. back to subject, if you use this, she might giggle, smile or say thanks. The girl i used it on, she blushed smiled and "thanks" Now i don't know how the women will tell, but they have a "Sixth sense" that know who likes who. So now i don't know what to type.

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