May 9, 2012
Love is love, and who's to say someone has the right to put a stop to this? This is exactly what people are doing by banning same sex marriage. I believe that everyone deserves a chance at happiness, and that is something every man and woman has a right to.

Why should legalizing same sex marriage be such an issue? Unless it affects the nation directly, it shouldn't even be a problem. There is nothing negative about legalizing such a thing, if anything it is beneficial. It would eliminate riots and violence amongst gays and straights.

Love is a natural human emotion. It isn't something that we can control; it is out of our hands. If we can't control our own emotions, what gives us the right to control the feelings of others? If a man loves another man, there is nothing we can do to stop these feelings. If a man loves a woman, there is also nothing we can do to stop these feelings. The difference between these two scenarios is that we don't accept one of them. But why?

People are allowed to make their own decisions in life. They are allowed to believe whatever they want to believe. Whatever happened to separation of church and state? It is in the constitution of this nation that there is religious tolerance. Not everyone in this nation believes in Christianity, therefore not everyone believes gay marriage should be illegal.

Human beings are raised to believe that a man and woman should marry, but that is only because we are brought up that way. It doesn't mean that it should be true or that it is right. Society makes us believe in certain things, and molds us into who we are as a whole. Society has been wrong before. Society is often corrupt. We shouldn't always believe what society makes us. We should be able to form our OWN opinions and OWN morals based off of what we think is right.

In conclusion, I believe that gay marriage SHOULD be legalized. Love now and shall never be denied.

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