Love is Complicated

May 9, 2012
By , Anderson, IN
I never understand why people do the things they do. Why they constantly repeat the same thing over and over again. Why do girls go back to guys who cheated on them only to have him do it again? I don’t understand that. Even though I have been there and felt the pain of it.

I have dated one guy five times and he has cheated on me twice. But yet I am still completely in love with him. How is that possible? He treats me like crap but yet I still feel that way about him.

I didn’t listen to my friends when they told me he was no good. But yet I still listened to him and ignored what my friends said. Worst mistake I made. I should have listened to my friends. He is not and was not worth the tears I cried over him.
Love is complicated and it can hurt. After he cheated on me the first time I never should have gone back with him. But yet I did because I felt that I still loved him.

I never truly loved him after what he did to me. I just thought I did. Maybe I felt pity for him and decided to get back with him. I don’t really know what I was feeling.

You know it’s not true love when you feel anger at them. Yeah every couple has issues and there is some anger, but when anger is all there is in a relationship then it’s not meant to be. Every couple is gonna have a fight or two, but true love helps you forgive the ones that hurt you. Can you truly love someone that hurts you?

You have felt true love when there is no anger or hatred in a relationship. When you both feel the same way about each other. Love is a two-sided thing. Love requires a partner it’s not a one-side only kind of thing. It needs two people not just one person.

I can’t say I know what true love is because I never felt what true love is. I only know what people tell me. I myself am looking for true love. I didn’t think it would be this hard but it is. For some people it happens early and for others it is really hard.

Like every other girl I want to find true love. I want to feel what it’s like. Sometimes it takes a while and sometimes it just happens.

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