May 31, 2012
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So how do you know you’re in love? Is it a look? Is it a butterfly feeling in your stomach that makes you want to cringe but you love it at the same time? A warm touch that heats up your whole body thinking you’re sitting on a fire?
People say you don’t know you’re in love until you are.
But is it like a true love’s first kiss? Maybe love at first site? Could it be a prince finding his princess in an unthinkable place? Or Snow White getting kissed by her prince and falling in love right then and there? Could a fairy tale be true?
Do we make our fairy tale? We think we found the prince charming by the way he looks at us. Or is it in the way he holds us? Or even when we hear his voice? Is that true love? Can it be?
Or maybe love is when you have a dream and think it is real and wake up and it isn’t there just a memory? Or is it a dark place you live for just an instant that comes only when you sleep? Or is it the other way around?
Does he find you? Like losing your glass high heel shoe while trying to hide your identity? Do we do this on purpose? Do we hide as if it were a scary dream, trying to swallow us in the dark, thinking we’re going to get hurt?
Are we scared of having our prince charming find us? Are we scared of having a wonderful ever after?
Do you listen to how you feel or to your heart? What if your heart is wrong? Does that make it right? Do you listen to your feelings then?
I hear a lot to that I should follow my heart. It is in a lot of movies. But could the movies be true?
I’ve heard you should get other’s opinions.
But what if you lose prince charming? Could he be what you truly need? What if you feel attracted to him, but your friends say no because he’s mean to them? Or what if he’s not good looking? Or they think they know what’s best for you? Can they? Can they know what is best for you? Do they feel your feelings and you don’t know it? Is that possible? What if your reality becomes your dream?
A true dream—a dream that came true without effort. Is that how love feels and comes?
Have you been blinded by the truth, but you think it’s a dream?
I have these feeling, but it’s a disguise in a black mask or a yellow brick road leading the way. But what if you listen to your heart and only your feelings?
They just say it comes and you know.

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