May 26, 2012
By i5abella GOLD, Winnipeg, Other
i5abella GOLD, Winnipeg, Other
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being strong is about picking yourself up and dusting your self off so that you can help a friend when they fall.

do we appreciate our parents enough; i mean we have a day devoted to them; mothers day; fathers day; family day; grandparents day. we have all these days devoted to family; but i find once we get older and start getting jobs and other things and even a bit younger then that; we start to relish the tI'me off of school for ourselves. were greedy coincided. perhaps this is just my guilty concision thou my mother said not to get her anything on mother day i knew she would appreciated something even a card; well I'm not very good with memory so when mothers day rolled around i had to be reminded it was mother day; i don't have money; so i gave her a kiss and a hug and a happy mother day. but i find myself thinking; is this enough; all she asked for and yet i couldn't even right her or my grandmother a card; this day was devoted to them; then that night I being legal age went drinking with my friends after my mother had gone to bed. dose this make me a bad person? do i not appreciate my mother? i find the world moves to quickly not that the flow is quickened but that we all seam busy and preoccupied with everything; when do we get a chance to just lay down on the wet grass and stare up at the stars or sI'mply say I LOVE YOU MUM. i mean for the most part they bright you into this world; or were their to love you even if someone else couldn't or wouldn't. every step of the way they are there with you; even if its a phone call away; and i find myself thinking about this; a young adult on the threshold of the world ready to leap but i always have that safety net thou no one ever wants to use a safety net its there. so i employ the readers of this to turn to there mothers and fathers appreciate them; notice there effort and there hard work; tell them you love them; write them a card; tell your parents you wouldn't have gotten to where you are with out them; and be honest you wouldn't have; give your parents something that you never really have before; the adoration that they deserve.

I love you mum; your the most I'mpotent person in the world to me; I would have never gotten to where i am; with out you by my side; thou all my faults and i have many you are there; the one person i know will never turn there back on me. you will always be there my safety net when i need security; when I'm sick i can ask you to bring me something i like; chicken noddle soup. we didn't have a lot but we got by; which is okay; we had what we needed and a little bit on the side; I'm not sorry that we didn't have more; because we didn't need a lot we didn't need to be spoiled and I for one was happy with what i had and happy for you.
I love you mum and I'm sorry if i didn't appreciate you enough. i don't know how i would make it with out you; but i said that about grandpa and i did make it. we all have; but together; who will i lean on when your gone; i don't know but i do know your not going any time soon and i love you; you are my mum and thou thick and thin i love you more then anyone else in the world.

The author's comments:
the first part is something i think everyone should think about; the second part is just a letter to my mother to go with this,

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