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May 17, 2012
By Anonymous

Why do little kids want to be just like their older siblings? My sister wants to dress the same as me, have the same friends, put nail polish and make-up on, do pretty hair styles, learn to ride a bicycle, and much more. Most recently I have went to parties and school activities with her. When I teach her my ways I learn more about myself and become more interested to knowing who I really am. Sometimes this can get a little out of hand though.

When a little sister wants to be exactly like you, it tends get annoying. She will want to follow my friends and me around everywhere. She almost thinks she is my twin. My friends even complain they are getting irritated. I will tell her to leave us alone, and shut her out of my room. She hears the fun and starts crying. My parents hear her fussing and start bickering at me. They don’t get that I don’t always want to be with her!

My sister’s feelings are hurt. I am feeling frustrated because I don’t understand what’s so great about me. I toss and turn stressing out the entire night. Transitioning from half asleep to waking up completely thinking, she must hate me now. Soon thoughts fill my mind and I remember when I was young, I was just like that and wanted to chase my older brother around.

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