May 16, 2012
By Anonymous

Many people find themselves avoiding any type of relationship; they insist that they are waiting for their soulmate. As if everyone has one and only one perfect person somewhere in the world. This type of thinking is self-destructive and hinges on an unlikely idea. If the concept of a soulmate was true, then statistically almost no one would find his or her perfect partner. Furthermore, those who subscribe to the idea will not fare well in the end of a relationship. When the possibility of being with one's soulmate is in the back of one's head, it's tempting to automatically assign that position to whoever he or she is with. The end of a relationship with a supposed soulmate would mean that the last chance for true happiness was lost. Settling to be with anyone that is less than perfect would be unacceptable to these people, but there's something that they don't realize. Fault can be found in anybody, and if you analyze anyone at such a critical level, that person will never be able to match up to the unrealistic characteristics of a soulmate. Happiness comes with wholly accepting another person, not endlessly searching for someone who can be accepted without effort.

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