The girl who never kissed a boy.

April 3, 2012
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This story is about a girl who never kissed a guy. And that girl is me. I have grown up reading a fair share of cheesy, over the top romance novels and relating to Taylor Swift more often than I’d like to admit. When I turned 16, like every other unaware, naïve and innocent hormone induced teenage girl, I dreamt of being magically transported to a universe where all the guys would naturally want me but only the best, most dreamy looking boy gets the honor of actually kissing me and suddenly, the world is a giant color changing ball with rainbows sprouting out of the ground.
However, the truth is far from this very enticing fantasy because in reality, I still remain that gawky, awkward teenager at 16 who sweats too much and tries to blend in with the usual, PRETTIER flock of girls. It seems, when (that is over the summer) the goddesses of beauty above, were transforming the scrawny little girls from my school, into graceful, young women with tiny waists and a HUGE bosom, I was probably stuck at the bottom of a dark you-will-never-be-attractive pit.

As a result, now heading towards 17, I still remain a kiss-less AND to nobody’s surprise, boyfriend-less girl who is going to enter college without any memories of holding hands during the break or fighting cutely over bitter lemonade they serve in school.
To be honest, I was never very intent on making a boyfriend until now; because that’s just the way I have been brought up. All my life, I have been drilled with “RELATIONSHIPS ARE NOT MORE IMPORTANT THAN GOOD GRADES, DO YOU UNDERSTAND? YOU DON’T WANT TO END UP IN A TRAILER PARK WITH 4 KIDS AND A KITTEN DO YOU?” so obviously, I was always more of a study oriented geek who did want a boyfriend, but not as bad as the next Meg Cabot book.
Until High School. I mean one minute, I was laughing with my friends over all the girls who claimed to be ‘passionately in love’ with their boyfriends and gasped over the scandalous kisses of the 8th grade and the next minute, those very friends are laughing at me because OH MY GOD, like how on earth you don’t have a boyfriend YET? Lulz.
How did they know when and HOW to make a guy fall for them when I was still living in my happy bubble of sleepovers and chocolate chip ice-cream and BFFS 4EVA.

For more than two years now, I have been teased, made fun of, laughed at and been called a prude on more than one occasion because I have never been physically active with a guy thus, I do not understand the very intricate relationship a man and woman can have. These things never even bothered me until people started pointing it out and, which in turn made me suspect that there might be something wrong me for not being desperate to kiss or touch a guy.

Once, when I did date my guy best friend and, he demanded a heavy make out session as his birthday gift. It pissed me off instantly, because he just insulted our being together by only defining it with a series of sloppy kisses and awkward attempts at touching each other. We broke up within a week (with him laughing over me for being such a NUN).

It annoys me how your very own friends define you (and themselves) on the basis of a relationship with a guy they just met a few months back when you have been together almost all your lives. Not making out or being sexually active is not the end of the world. Nor is wanting to wait for a guy who makes your first time special. It is a vicious machine of ridicule operated by the ‘happily committed’ section of the society that aims to ruin the lives of no nonsense single girls and take over the world by overthrowing us with their only couples allowed parties and double date diners. The world is heading towards doom.

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SchWag said...
May 24, 2012 at 2:17 pm
Soooooo True.(:
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