You Were my Best Friend

April 1, 2012
By PrincessGaguya GOLD, Dallas, Texas
PrincessGaguya GOLD, Dallas, Texas
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Lost and Broken
You were once mine
You were my best friend
You were the only one I loved
You were always there for me
Every day and night you could support
Then one day, I didn’t see you at the normal place
And the next day it happened again
I forgot about you after a while
You probably forgot about me too
And then he went crazy on you
He hit you and threw you
He treated you unfair
To think he was a father
You were trashed
He was questioned
You were black and blue
And where was I? I was forgotten
So you stayed with her
You said you didn’t really like her, and that you found her annoying
But this was after the fact, and you never asked to stay with me
I was living and used to seeing you in those stairs that I avoided
Not to avoid you, but to avoid the forgotten love and trust
Then I didn’t see you, then I got in trouble, then I got lost
And I left; I left for far away and decided to never come back.
I couldn’t live with the forgotten goodness.
Then you found me, it was hard for you.
You called my mom, and said it was you, she cried.
I cried, but not because I didn’t want you
But because you were back, and I was shocked by these happy tears
And we talked, and you visited, and we laughed and lived again
I remembered it… I remembered it all…
“How could I have forgotten?” I ask myself
We went out to the country, we played with the dogs, we experienced new funs
We addicted ourselves to the same things, we loved the same way, we knew we had it right this time
We didn’t forget, we remembered it all, we knew this was right, we knew this is where we belong
We hid together, we played together, we met new people together, and we met new adventures together
Then you had to go back, so we promised we would remember until next time.
And we remembered all the way until the next time we could remember together
And parted once again. This became a usual thing, coming and going.
But… then you went even further away, you lost your phone bars
And I almost forgot again, then I remembered that promise…
I kept our promise, and I hoped you did too.
Then I looked on my computer, and saw a little red spec on the icon with people on it.
I opened it and read, and accepted and typed to you.
I struggled to get you on the phone when you had enough bars, but that was only when you were busy
But I still tried for you, and then you got bars more often
Started talking and calling and texting and messaging more, and I knew you remembered.
And we did the coming and going thing again, but it was less than before because you were further
Then it lessened, but you promised each time we would see each other
But then that one weekend came… you said two weeks before you’d visit…
Then on that weekend, you said you wouldn’t because you had to work…
So I went on, trying not to mop because I know it’s not your fault, but I had this little red circle
The circle had a white number on it on my green box with a dialogue box on it,
I clicked; read, double-read, triple-read, and read it again… it was a lie.
You couldn’t visit me because you were working, then what happened to work when it came to her
This is wrong, I thought. This isn’t right, you’re supposed to see me right now… not her…
You were my best friend, and I remembered every day… you only think I forgot…
I just wish it was and is always the same for you.
Maybe I am just not your best friend, but you are mine, for sure.

The author's comments:
Everyone had to have lost a good friend somewhere down the road, yes? Well, this is just a little something I feel when I lost my best friend.

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