May 6, 2012
By ninapaniena PLATINUM, Sammamish, Washington
ninapaniena PLATINUM, Sammamish, Washington
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To be a good surgeon you have to think like a surgeon, emotions are messy, tuck them neatly away and step into a clean sterile room, where the procedure is simple, cut suture, and close. But sometimes your faced with a cut that won't heal, a cut that rips the stitches right open

I really thought that apologizing was the best thing, and I was wrong. Seven pages; seven pages of me pouring out my heart to you because I thought there was a chance of you accepting my apology. You didn’t look twice. Two years of friendship down the drain because you hate me now. What a strong word. “Hate”. Yet, that’s how I feel. I hate you. You hate me. Only because you didn’t say anything. Only because you made what should have been the best year of my life into the spitting image of a nightmare. Somehow I recovered. I recovered from the tears and the suicidal thoughts. I recovered from the spotlight on me every day. I recovered from the worst victimization. The victimization that’s so deep, it’s almost unbearable. But don’t worry; im fine now. Because recovering is the best part.

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My bestfriend dumped me. For guys. Thanks :)

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