a weird word

April 10, 2012

Love is a weird thing. Seems as if just when you think you've found it, something happens, and you wonder why you ever fell for such a lie.

So what is love, real love? Some think it's found in the people around them. But when someone says they love you, then the next day they need to say it again, to reaffirm it in your mind. To make sure you are still loved. Then when those people let you down, the ones who you thought loved you, then it seems all is lost. No longer loved anymore. So what is the meaning of life, then, if you're not loved? If you don't feel loved, then what's the use? That's why it's easy to turn to other people, or things such as drugs and drinking, to try to feel this need of being loved. Or, if not the need to be loved, the need to be respected. This need can drive anybody to do anything that feels good. That feels like being loved. That feels like being respected.

The bottom line is that perhaps love seems to be a weird thing to those who look for it in the wrong places. Real love isn't a lie. When real love is found, it's worth living for.

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