Mysterious love

April 24, 2012
By Anonymous

The question that rolls in people minds is “What is love?” Love is a mysterious thing in the world, to seek an answer. They can become tragic or a fairytale, But, life seems to make it difficult to keep it steady until it cracks. When two people hold hands and smile through the difficult moments, they seem to lose what they really were meant to do so either they stick with that person they hold hands with or grabbing someone else’s hand while holding there’s first girl, which is Cheating, Eventually breaking that person heart into a million pieces never to be repaired.
Love can work in many ways, how it effects on people and their actions, to family members, friends, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, and last is you. Selfish? Of course it’s not when you’re caring about yourself but some people assume it is, so, they care for others and less of themselves. Have you ever thought.. “What if love didn’t exist” Well in my opinion is that people would have never felt there cheeks blushing rosy pink or never be happy; having to stare at that person, wondering what is this feeling? What do I need from that man/women? Because it makes you smile every moment to say “I love you”
Most relationships are, emotionally love or sexually love. What most men seek in young age is sex because there not familiar to emotionally when girls know what emotionally is, since more girls are familiar to emotionally and is a part of them even though they never knew. The charms of men are like a spell, which also can happen to women. When a man can never let their eyes of them and become emotionally when she can make him smile and make him feel happy once in his life that he never experience. True love is wrapped inside the heart that it can come out in a surprised moment, unexpected thing.
Tragedies come to make it difficult when later on the world becomes unknown. With sights of rainbows I can see the true heart that never comes to an end. Tearful moments can come but people should just remind themselves “Be strong, Be me” than stand up and keep walking from the past and moving into the future for a better memories and better times.
Thank you for taking your lovely time in reading about mysterious love. My point in this would probably be that think wisely in things and how love works, its very mysterious to the world and people in it, almost like a puzzle for the world to find out. To succeed in happiness, these obstacles will come and you two as in a couple will need to stick together and help each other on the way to get to the point of happiness.

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write my article is when, i got hurt by love and how it works.

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