Was it love?

April 18, 2012
By deadlydaughter BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado
deadlydaughter BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Was it love? Was it true love that Romeo and Juliet felt for one another, abd if it was love
than why did they act so rashly with it? Whywould love makes you go mad and depressed? Why
would love make a girl defy her father’s caring protection and love? Why would love make a
young man fight for all of his worth? What can they prove with all of this? Romeo and Juliet are
the true example of young love. It can be foolish, but it can aksi teach those who got through it.
Some say that young love is not true love; it is just “I like you love”. The love that Romeo and
Juliet felt for one another was a passionate love that they were willing to die for. The three main
types of love that the story of Romeo and Juliet hits are love at first sight, the love that a father
has for his daughter, and the power of young love.

I think that love is omething that a person can’t plan for it just happens. Take Romeo for
example. He though that the world was meaningless without Rosaline. Then he looks at Juliet
and falls instantly in love. Whn Juliet sees Romeo; she thinks that she is in love the minute that
she sees him. It is of those loves at first sight moments. They don’t afirst know wasch other, but
then they find out that they are supposed to be enemies. But they still can’t help but love each
I think that the type of love that Juliet’s father has for her is the same kind of love that
any father would have for his daughter; a love that requires them to protect and care for them.
Her father wants her to stay away from Romeo’s family because he does not want to see her get
hurt. He does not want them to get married right away because it is hard for him to say goodbye
but it always is hard to let go of the ones that you love. He does not approve of Romeo because
he does not know him very well as a person. He just knows his family is like and then makes
judgments off of that.
The troubles that Romeo faces are the troubles that all young men face. The nees to
protect and love someone like a father but still a little differently. A father proects someone that
he has brought in to this world he loves them because they are his creation, and he feels that if he
fails that person than he is failure in life. A young man’s love is the love for someone one that he
has found to be precious to him and he does not want to see the one that he loves get hurt.
Romeo has troubles with his pride getting in the way. That is problem that every man struggles
with. In the end they are able to fix their problems.
In conclusion I think that Romeo and Juliet’s love was a cery passionate love and I also
believe that romeo and Juliet’s families did the best love that they knew how to do.I think that
love at first sight is real and cannot be planned for. I think that the love of a father to a daughter
is so strong and it is very hard to say goodbye. And the love a young man is strong prideful and
hard to control just like its barrer.

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