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April 4, 2012
By d00dflyinbaby BRONZE, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
d00dflyinbaby BRONZE, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"You gotta fall before you fly"- Sleeping With Sirens

Has there ever been that moment in life that you realize will change everything from that point and on?
That one moment when you realize yourself changing every aspect of your life for the good or the worst.
These moments could be of love, of war, of tragedy, of happiness, but nevertheless impacting your life no matter how much you want it to or not.

Last summer, I learned what these moments were like for myself. I realized how real they were, and that when people told me about experiencing these moments, their words weren't just empty; everything they said to describe these feelings was the reality of life. Its nothing like a story you just read in a book or a situation you see in a movie, it's so much more and yet, we can over look them all in a blink of an eye.

I lost a person I cared for and found out through one text... it's made me grow stronger

I fell in love with a boy just from one conversation... it gave me hope

I met a life long best friend from one simple laugh together... it gave me happiness

Realizing how important these moments of my life are... it made me appreciate life

Everyone has these moments that impact the rest of their life and sometimes we just move too fast to acknowledge them. "Stop and smell the roses" like they say. Life isn't merely just day in and day out, the smallest things could effect everything. Slow down and take it in, everything is much more beautiful through eyes that take time to observe.

The author's comments:
First blog post I ever wrote.. thought it was pretty deep.

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