4 Reasons why it's not your fault you don't have a boyfriend

March 28, 2012
By Maggie Heermann SILVER, Greenwood, Indiana
Maggie Heermann SILVER, Greenwood, Indiana
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Movie's, books, and tv shows constantly bombard teenage girls with the idea that they need a boyfriend to be happy.
Also another thing I've discovered is a-lot of girls who get boyfriends then assume that their friends already have boyfriends or a guy they want to date. I believe this happens because when you fall in love and start dating often you forget what it's like to be single.
Girls spend so much time trying to impress boys from wearing platform shoes, getting their hair dyed or highlighted at salon , to wearing makeup etc. If you've never had a boyfriend I'm sure your probably attractive, probably fun to be around, and are a decent person a boy just hasn't discovered you yet. So I've listed some reasons why it's not your fault you don't have a boyfriend.

1. He's still maturing-We do mature a little faster ladies. My brother advised me the way to tell if a guy's immature is if he's pervertive.If he's constantly drawing penis's during class or making fart jokes stay away!

2. He's not ready for that kind of commitment- Girlfriends take can take up a-lot of time and money. I know this happens because when I told a guy last semester I had a crush on him he turned me down because he the last girlfriend he he didn't have time for so they had to breakup.

3. He's looking for a social status not a commitment- Some guys will hit various girls as an attempt to become "cool" or "popular". If this is the case don't waste your time on this boy he's a coward.

4. He didn't have a crush on you until he found out how you felt and how great you were- Just because you tell a guy you have a crush on him and he turns you down doesn't mean he will always feel this way. The show The Nanny is an example. The Nanny Fran loved Mr. Sheffield
but he wasn't romantically attracted to her back. Then when she started going on dates with other men he became jealous.Years later he took back what he said and told her how much he wanted her. In the end of the show they ended up getting married.In the end she won Mr. Sheffield's heart by being herself.

Yes you will be turned down but please keep trying. Be yourself and don't beat yourself up when you get turned down because it's not always your fault!

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