Trapped in illusion

March 27, 2012
By Anonymous

You were a huge part of my life. A part I thought would be with my forever, till the end of time. Isn't that the illusion everyone is blinded by, when in "love"? What is love, anyway? Does it exist, or is that, too, an illusion we create to make ourselves feel like we've discovered something meaningful, something valuable, something out of the ordinary within ourselves? But then, why do so many people, who claim to be in love, draw apart, forget each other? Is that love, then, or is that just a belief we have been lured into.. Is love nothing but a labyrinth to a self destructive path? Changing you as a person? Isn't independence what everyone yearns to gain- but once you start depending on someone, it's so hard to let go? 
Is it all just an illusion we have built, since the beginning of time, continuing till the end of time, without a cure? Generation after generation, person after person, heart after heart will fall victim to this... And yet, we don't really learn, because we can't. What is it with people throwing around quotes warning others to not fall in love, to not depend on someone, to not make the mistake they made? You won't listen to what someone else said and decide you won't do it because THEY got hurt. They did, not you. And pain- pain is unique to every person. You don't know what it is, you don't FEEL it until you have felt some sort of passion first. Passion doesn't disappear- it is created and it is broken, but it remains, imprinted in you, haunting you till you're buried 8 inches below the ground. You won't learn from other peoples mistakes, and probably, you won't learn from your own either. You won't be hurt by one person and never let yourself fall again, because you want to keep trying. You want to keep trying, because even when you realize it's all an illusion, in the end, it's an illusion in front of which you've fallen to your knees. You have surrendered to it because you don't have the strength to get back up, stand against the world alone, without anyone to shade you from the burning intensity of the endless pains and miseries that await. You want to be happy, and you wish you could do it alone, but you don't want that. You need someone- you know they'll hurt you. They may leave you. You may have learnt, or maybe not yet. But nevertheless, you need them. You need them so badly, your illusion casts a veil over reality and you immerse yourself in it and there's just no going back... That's just how life works.

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