March 23, 2012
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This is what I believe; I believe in the quality of friendship. Friendship is not something that you should take lightly. Unless you are a person who doesn’t believe that friendship is important. The reasons that I believe friendship are important are: Trustworthiness and Loyalty.

The first reason is trustworthiness. I believe that when you are in a friendship that you and the other person in that relationship should feel as though you two have a bond. That no matter what may come it can’t be broken. In my experience, I’ve come to see that there are always going to be certain people in your life whom you can trust. So, now I’m going to tell you one of mine. I have a dear friend and her name is Nicole. Now, with Nicole I can tell her just about anything. When I do she will tell you straight up, no shade to it, just straight up bluntness. Plus when I do tell her my dark secrets I know that I can count on her not to be going around and telling everyone else my business that they should not be know. I really love how she is just so blunt, and that is definitely what I’ve always needed in a friend and in a friendship. That is what I’m so truly going to miss when we both go off to college this fall. Well, for me summer.

My second reason is Loyalty. I believe loyalty in a friendship is definitely just as important as trustworthiness. So, I have picked my friend Hailey. This woman besides my mom and step-mom are the best people I know that will give you the best loyalty that they got. Hailey is one of the most loyal people that I know besides some of the people in my family. To be completely honest, she practically is family. No matter what I do, I mean no matter how weird I am, she is always there for me. Mainly that is because she is the exact same way. One time when cousin’s mom got into a huge fight with my mom, there was no one else to turn to, but there she was there and I thank her for that. I don’t believe that I am redeemed worthy enough to have her loyalty, but I do and that’s all that matters. To my best friend Hailey, Congratulations!

With these two beliefs of mine on friendship, I close and say: THIS IS WHAT I BELIEVE! I HOPE YOU BELIEVE IT TOO!

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