"I Love You?"

March 19, 2012
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Love, as defined by Dictionary.com: an intense feeling of deep affection. Does this definition truly describe the context in which we throw around this word today? The answer is no. Every single day, almost everyone uses the word, “love.” Whether it be in the context of, “Oh! I love that movie!” or perhaps, “ Oh! Don't you just love that restaurant?” Do you really have an, 'intense feeling of deep affection,' for these things? Odds are, probably not, so why do we use this word so often? Shouldn't we reserve words that carry such a magnitude of meaning, for only the most powerful of emotions? I am frequently nonplussed when it comes to human psychology; it's just so weird how people find it so difficult to say, “I love you,” to someone they are dating, or crushing on, someone that matters to them, but no one would ever hesitate to say, “I LOVE McDonalds.” Perhaps French-fries actually do conjure up intense feelings of deep affection, but the point is still made. So now I wonder: Is this a problem with human psychology? Or perhaps a flaw in the English language? We may never know.
I can definitely say I am guilty of overuse of the word, but when used in terms of romanticism and passionate infatuation and intimacy between two people, who may or may not, “have an intense feeling of deep affection,” towards each other, does not exist. Which in turn raises the question; does love exist?
No, no it does not, sure you can have a deep affection towards something, or an infatuation with someone, physically, or emotionally, but love is the second strongest word I know; only to be further surpassed by hate.
Furthermore, looking back on my accounts with the word 'love,' or 'I love you,' in context of someone I was attracted to, it has caused wicked backlash or intense sorrow in my life. . . Now, I will never say it again, unless I am sure to mean it. The extent to which 'I love you,' is overused, causes these words to lose their real meaning through years of misinterpretation. Love is overrated, and nonexistent.

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