Love is Love

March 16, 2012
By CarCrashHeart45 BRONZE, Bonner Springs, Kansas
CarCrashHeart45 BRONZE, Bonner Springs, Kansas
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"I'm just a boy, not a hero." - Gerard Way

Being teenagers, we feel the need to be with someone. We just want to go out and have fun. We want to experience love and all the good things that come with it. Just because our parents made mistakes with love and sex doesn't necessarily mean we'll do the same. Why can't parents give us one chance before they sit there and discriminate us? "You're too young to be in love!" Honestly, love has no age limit. You can fall in love anytime, it just means different things with each age. When you were little, you had your first love. I'm talking between two and five years of age. You won't forget the first boy you had a crush on. The boy or girl you'd play all day with and cry when it was time to go inside for the night; puppy love. When you got older, maybe heading to the eighth grade, you maybe felt a little stronger with this love. You wanted to know this person, and possibly just mess around sexually with them, but you still wanted them around. From high school and up, though, I've learned a whole new meaning to the word love. Love is being accepted by either one person or multiple people. They open their hearts to you, and you do the same to them. That's love. It's acceptance and understanding. Then there's that one person who you're in love with. The person who makes it all okay. It's okay to be in love at a young age. Just don't get too in over your head and make decisions carefully. "Teen love doesn't last." Who's to say it doesn't? Twenty years from now I know I'll definitely look back and remember the person I'm in love with. It'll bring back memories and I'll think to myself, hey, I miss you. Love is love, people. You can be two or twenty. Either way, you're capable of being in love. Embrace it.

The author's comments:
Today was a very amazing day with a very amazing person. He's my best friend and my boyfriend, and that's something I've always wanted. He's my inspiration, and I love him.

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