Pre-Marital Sex Is Okay

March 13, 2012
By , Reno, NV
What is sex? Some may say it’s just sexual activity, which is true. While others may say it’s a bond between two people that love each other. In reality everyone has different thoughts and opinions on when you should have sex and why. Studies show that in 2003, 40,000 people were surveyed from the ages of 15-44 and 98% of those people admitted to having sex before marriage. Now this percentage is very high but honestly it’s been like this for decades, and domestic researchers have proven it through out the years.
With the way our society is today it doesn’t seem like it’s frowned upon too much. With magazines, movies, commercials etc. this just shows that sex is apart of human nature and you can’t stop it from happening. I’m not saying that just because it’s everywhere you have to do it but it’s an instinct and it happens to everyone. Some people frown upon having sex before marriage because they feel your going against everything that you were taught and what not, but really having sex when you want is your decision and why should you be hated or judged based on your decisions? Plus many people say they save sex until marriage because of religious beliefs but even researches found that 88% of people that say it still end up having sex before marriage. Life is based on finding who you are and what you want, not on what others think you should do or what you should want. Yeah, maybe sometimes the person you lose your virginity to isn’t the person you’ll be with forever but that’s not going to keep you from living your life. It was just a moment where you learned something, yes it was probably at the time the worst heartbreak ever but life will go on and think about it you got some experience out of it. Not many people think about this but what if you saved yourself for that special someone and you guys got married and thought you were in love, then all of a sudden you guys breakup and get a divorce. Truthfully I think it would be less of a heart ache to while you were younger not only because those are times when your still fully growing into your hormone stage but also you can get over that person a lot easier. Researches have shown the men score higher in libido, while women’s sex drive is more fluid. Which means that men seek sex more easily then women do only because their bodies crave it more.
Sex is not necessarily pressure only because just like everything else you are introduced to you have the right to say yes or no. If you feel that you’re not ready for sex then that is completely fine but others have a different thought on when they want to do it, don’t judge. It’s what they want and sex is not something that can be hated, how did you get here. Your mom and dad had sex right? Basically there is nothing wrong with having sex before marriage it’s been the same forever and just because you do it doesn’t mean that everything is going to change. I must admit that if you do decide to have pre-marital sex at least be safe and smart about it. There are many ways to prevent pregnancy and diseases, use protection, get on the pill, and also go to your doctors to get checked for anything. Honestly it will be one of the best choices you can make. In conclusion there is no wrong in having sex before marriage so live your life and don’t regret choices you make because those are what make you who you are today.

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