Bad Reputation for Good Guys

March 1, 2012
By DP3299 BRONZE, Millville, Massachusetts
DP3299 BRONZE, Millville, Massachusetts
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Walking through halls at school and while I’m hanging out with friends I’m constantly hearing the same thing over and over again. I’m always hearing girls saying to each other, “All guys are stupid jerks!” Hearing this makes me go nuts! Whenever I’m with my female friends, they are always talking about how this guy was a jerk to them and this guy didn’t treat her right and this guy broke her heart. After this happens, I see these girls go and screw over guys that seem like nice, honest, mature guys! Seeing this, I think to myself, are they really that stupid? Do they not see the constant cycle that keeps going on?

I see this happen every day at school and I hate to break it to you girls but, NOT ALL GUYS ARE THE SAME! Have you ever thought about how that smart, decent looking, guy you just turned down for the hot stupid sports player feels? Most of my teen girl friends constantly are talking about which hot guys they want and ugly guys they don’t want. I see them screw over nice guys and lead them on only to use the guy to get those “hot” guys and breaking the nice guy’s heart. When this happens, I see the once nice guy, go and screw over a nice girl that actually liked him! When the nice guy gets screwed over he becomes a jerk and he does the same to a girl. When the nice girl gets lead on and screwed over she becomes a b*tch and goes around leading nice guys on only to use them! As one can see, it’s all one big vicious cycle!

In short, bad girl screws good guy, good guy becomes jerk, jerk screws good girl, good girl becomes bad girl, and the cycle starts all over! I see this happen at least once a week. The funny part is that this is happening to teens! This simply goes to show, teens aren’t ready to date. These girls only want the hot guys with big muscles. What they don’t realize is that nice hair and big muscles isn’t everything. Half the times, these girls hook up with the “hot” guys and these guys don’t turn out to be all that the girl expected! If this is what their disposition is on the perfect guy, then they simply are just not ready to date and this proves it.
A girl needs a guy that cares and is willing to give his free time to be with her, a mature, smart and classy gentleman. Teens are clearly not mature enough to date. They need to live their lives and enjoy everything given to them. Dating is a preparation for marriage; this is a key point that is always being forgotten. Most teens date for the sake of being able to say they have a “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”. It’s becoming more of a game for teens and too many teens are losing at this “game”. To be honest I have been in this game since seventh grade and I have never treated a girl badly. I’ve lost girls I have really cared for, but I’m mature enough to know they weren’t the ones and I don’t intend on hurting another girl because one hurt me.
More and more girls are getting screwed over by jerks and these jerks are giving a bad reputation to good guys. So the next time you turn that guy that cares because he’s not as cute as the sports jock, think about how you would feel if the guy you liked and cared about blew you off for the hot chick that likes to “play around”. If you wouldn’t like how that feels, which I’m sure you wouldn’t, then please think before you completely turn a nice guy into a complete a$*hole that goes and gives us an even worst reputation!

The author's comments:
I'm tired of girls labeling all guys as "jerks" so I think this will show from a good guy's point of view

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on Mar. 24 2012 at 5:28 pm
pageturner PLATINUM, Brooklyn, New York
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Interesting opinion. I like the idea you're working with. But I think like/lust/love is more complicated than you're making it seem. Although you have a really good idea and basis. 


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