Trust Issues!

March 1, 2012
By deli22190 BRONZE, Escondido, California
deli22190 BRONZE, Escondido, California
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If a guy tells you to trust him and they won’t break your heart, don’t always believe him until he can show you that you can trust him. If he doesn’t show you that you can trust him and you tell him that you can’t trust him and he gets mad and he calls you ugly or something mean, don’t listen to him you are beautiful in your own way and you are better off without him. If you tell another guy the same thing and he understands, then he truly is a good person. Beauty is not always on the outside it is on the inside. Regardless of what a guy tells you, you are beautiful. If a guy tells you that he is the right one for you, make sure he can prove it to you before you believe him because most of the time he’s not the right person for you. True love is hard to find but you should wait for the right guy to come to you before you make the wrong decision. And don’t always judge a guy by his appearance because sometimes he’s the right one for you.

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