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March 5, 2012
By Alone_In_The_Corner SILVER, Eufaula, Oklahoma
Alone_In_The_Corner SILVER, Eufaula, Oklahoma
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People always ask me how to keep a relationship alive. Well in order to keep your relationship healthy and going good ya'll need to have trust and you need to enjoy being with each other. Just because you get bord of one another don't mean your love is gone. Every now and then you need to take some time apart. Not a break up just a day or to for you and your friends to out. Most of the time when you or your friends get in to a new relationship you tend to drop your friends so make days just for you and your friends. Love, Trust, and faith have to be in your relationship. Ya'll will never make it if you don't trust, love, care, have faith in, or if your not honest with each other you will end up breaking up and you will regret it. Guys don't like there girls talkin to ex but girls dont like guys going threw there phones and talkin to ex either. Just trust one another dont let your thoughts get in the way of your happiness.

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