To believe in what can't be seen

February 24, 2012
How many of you have wondered the person you're dating... Is this the one I'm going to marry and spend the rest of my life with? Or is this just going to end like the last one and the one before that that ended just like the one previous.

A baby knows love, from a mother's touch to a father's smile. A child knows love from when she begins to share her little treasures.

People say that, or on my opinion I hear this from adults. That children and teenagers and young adults don't know what real and true love is.

I believe they are just being hypercrites, because when they were our age. They said those words everyday at least to something and I'm pretty sure at the time they meant it.

Love is an eternity, but also a moment. We can't forget that.

Love is everything but also nothing. It can begin things and also end them

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