I Love You: Made Easy.

February 23, 2012
My choir director is one of the most inspirational people I know. I have a great respect for people who can control the feel and movement of music so well, that the people who are singing it feel touched by what leaves their own lips. This guy is a genius; I look forward to his class everyday. Sometimes after our concerts, he’ll begin class with a story, his stories always mean something to me. It’s almost like he is preaching through his own knowledge and bestowing it upon us, his disciples. One day, I believe near Valentine ’s Day, he told us a story about how him and his wife met. He told us about how it was love at first sight, how they enjoyed others company, got married and have been together for 25 years. Of course all of us were aww-ing and ooh-ing over the whole story, and then one girl asked a question, a question that would change my whole perspective on love forever. She asked how long they had dated before getting married, and he said about 3 months. We all gasped. How could we not? 3 months is such a short amount of time, how could you possibly fall in love so quickly? Then successfully stay in love? It was quite mind-boggling.

At the time of his story, I had a great theory on how true love works. First, you would see a guy and instantly fall for him. Second, you would date for about 2 years and have certain struggles. Eventually, he would marry you because he loved you more than he hated all of your issues. However, it would take at least 6 months to say I love you. I don’t know how I came up with 6 months, but it just felt right. 3 months isn’t even long enough to know each other, much less get married, than live happily ever after! Clearly, after hearing his story I revised my theory a little bit. However, a lady from my church gave me a short lesson on staying in love.

Well, actually, I didn’t even know the lady, I had heard about her in a round about way from one of her friends who were ranting at her insanity. I’ll admit: I was eavesdropping in on her friends’ conversation when I heard an interesting story about this lady’s husband. Apparently, a few years ago, she was married to man who was not faithful to her. He ended up leaving her without the formal divorce papers, so legally, they were still together. However, her friends talked about how crazy she was not to get remarried. Than one of them mentioned why their friend wouldn’t remarry, she still thought of herself as being married to the one who left her, for the bible told of such a happenstance and how to deal with it. Their conversation eventually went off track and to other topics which only old ladies could understand or find interesting, however I pondered that one story. How great of faith this lady must have to firmly believe that her husband still loved her, and would always stay true to his vows. I admire her belief in true love.

These stories answer 2 simple questions. When do you say “I love you?”, and when do you know to break it off with someone you love? The answer to the first is easy, say it when it feels natural, feels right. Sure, you might get rejected, but who better to tell you that you love someone than the fluttering of your heart, and the absence of thought in your head. The answer to the second is easier still: never. For, if you truly loved someone, you would never leave them, unless it was for their good. I honestly believe that, and so should anyone else who even thinks about getting into serious relationships. I found these happenstances helpful to revising my theory, and now that I’ve been dating a wonderful guy for 7 months, my theory has been formed into more of a love motto: Just go with it, for your mind is always thinking, your feet are always tripping, but your heart is always listening for the voice of the one you love.

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Jennarator said...
Mar. 8, 2013 at 12:01 am
The guy in this article I was talking about who I had been dating for 7 months...yea we've now been dating for 1 year and 8 months. Time flies! :)
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