Abusing The Word

February 11, 2012
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I believe in true love. I am no victim of the word and my patience has grown thin from finding it. But my will is there and my perfect description is written in my mind. Why do people have to abuse such a valued word with lust? Why must celebrity marriage and then eventually divorce taint this mysterious emotion that does not envelop many?
I go to a high school where so many people throw this word around just so they have this temporary pleasure of a kiss, or perhaps sex. They would go around telling their friends as if in competition of their sexual experiences. It's disgusting to see guys praising a woman like a queen, making it seem like an endless love, and when they walk away tell their friends they have no care for the girl. They don't even deserve to be called men if they can't be honest towards their girlfriends.
The movies don't help my perspective on love either. They make it seem so simple to fall in love with a woman of such a high quality personality. It makes me so excited to go to school the next day and find my cloud of a dream girl. I walk into school and I upset myself, and I am a disaster for a little while.
I don't blame anyone for tainting the name of love except for society. I'm sure these teenagers have grown up with these lustful influences. I am not against engaging in sexual intercourse, but for God's sakes do not throw the person away like a piece of meat afterward.
I still try and remain patient for my dream girl to sweep me off my feet. I try and stay confident and positive around all the negative. To those who are grasping on to my words, please, find your patience friends.

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