Age of Love

February 2, 2012
By Kristian_Faith BRONZE, Inez, Kentucky
Kristian_Faith BRONZE, Inez, Kentucky
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Here’s to the girls: That keep a smile even though they’re going through hell. That keep their head high, even though they’d rather be elsewhere. That give amazing advice, but can’t seem to follow it themselves. That can make anyone laugh, but hers

Love at first sight?
WOW! he's cute. i wonder how old he is
(snicker) Girl he's like 17 and your like 12.
Ever been put in this situation? ha ha i say not but i have. I was 12 years old my stepfather would hire a family friends son to cut are grass, yeah i thought he was cute but i knew he was older and had a girlfriend ;), but after awhile i just didn't pay much attention to it, a few years later around the age 14 when myspace was in style he had messaged me. I was the happiest little thing ever we talked for awhile and a few times he would tell me i was wise beyond my years. we talked for awhile nothing crazy. i talked to him off and on, talk him threw his struggling relationships, help the best i could and stayed there for him the best i could. He is now 21 and i am now 16 and we have been together for almost a year now SURPRISE (:.. but i was wondering what do you guys think about dating age? whats your limit? and why?

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