The difference between man and woman

January 30, 2012
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Woman - man
Marrie - mount
Magic - mine
Mother - manic
Mercy - money
Mericail - mistake
Mountin - miss
Money - matter
Mirror - mask
Matter - mass

We bothe have different priorities.

Marrie because we seek unity family, and love.
Magic because that's what we seek in a relationship.
Mother because that's what we see as makeing a family hole to continue in life, love, unity.
Mercy because we seek forgiveness in the thing we truly want.
Mericail because gods choices are a surprise and are choices are obvious.
Mountain because we all have one we must climb.
Money because we seek security in are choices, to fulfill are needs to get what we want.
Merrior because in truth we see who we really are as a person.
Matter because we know in are hearts what matters most.

Mount because that is what they seek in wemon.
Mine because they wish to have posesson over something they can not controle.
Manic because they are scared of the future and what wemon can bare.
Money because that's what brings them mercy from others helping create a mask of love and effection.
Mistake because no man knows how to be a father.
Miss because as wemon climd there mountain men tend to miss the point.
Matter is nothing but greed.
Mask because that is all they see.
Mass because that's what matters most what you have and what you can do earned by money.

I may not be right but I know I'm not wrong eather I still have my mountain to climb, if I fall now it's a long way down.

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