Love of a Teenager

February 9, 2012
By , Lordswood, United Kingdom
Teenage love? We have all been there, sitting in the hot stuffy classroom, gazing at the person who sets our hearts racing. The one person who you truly know that they are the one. Or have you? How can you - at the tender age of thirteen - truly know what "love" is. How can you, positively say that you love said person, when many of people at that age don't know what there sexual preference is, let alone love somebody.

Being a teenager is a difficult time (as we all know) hormones are racing though our body, difficult choices are offered to us, finally you see how school is important to you and on top off all that, you become aware of a strange new feeling you haven't had before. Most teenagers (in particular girls) mistake this for "love" which, is perfectly understandable. We've all seen TV shows of people getting married and being madly in love. But, in reality it's just a feeling of attraction, rather then full blown love.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think that everyone under the age of eighteen shouldn't get into a "relationship" In fact, I think that you can't know what love is until you have been "hurt". When you do get "hurt" at the innocently young age of thirteen, it is heartbreaking. But that is the chance to step back and realize that what you had wasn't love, just a mutual attraction to each other.

Then we get into the realms of what is "love"? I am positive that nobody can give an answer the 100% of the worlds population will agree with. If the brightest minds in the world don't know what love is, how can the naive mind of a teenager even begin to fathom what "love" is?

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