A Love She Once Knew

January 21, 2012
By ChelseyMarie BRONZE, Dededo, Other
ChelseyMarie BRONZE, Dededo, Other
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"Who knew that a stranger can walk in your life and become the Love of your life." - Chelsey Ortiz

There was a girl her name was Chelsey, she only wanted to feel loved and not used . She thought that she was out of luck to find that special guy, to call him hers no matter what . She met knew people from her ex-boyfriend Jonathon , he introduced her to one particular boy name Mick. She thought that he was a jerk, and just those type of disrespectful boys who don't care how a girl feels .

About a month later, she was on the phone with her friend Brittnie, Mick and Jonathon. It was just a usual conversation, laughing, telling jokes, and just being themselves. They all talked for so many hours, until someone went to sleep. When Brittnie finally went to sleep, it was just Chelsey, and the two boys that were up talking.

About 30 minutes later, Jonathon wanted to sleep, but Chelsey and Mick still wanted to talk because she wasn't tired. So Chelsey asked Mick if he wanted to talk to her, so Mick agreed.

So Jonathon gave the Mick Chelsey's number. When they finally hung up, She waited for Micks call but before he called she was nervous because she never actually had a real conversation with him. As her phone rang she smiled, she answered her cell phone and started talking to him.

Hours have passed by, and they already connected with one another. So many things they had in common. After telling each other what they have been through, laughing, and just being there for one another, she developed feelings for him. She knew it was wrong but she could not help how she felt.

Later on that week her feelings became stronger as they talked more and more. He was the only thing that was running through her mind. During that week they finally confessed that they have feelings for each other. It felt like they knew each other for a very long time. She has never felt this way for anyone since after her heart was broken 7 months ago.
The very next day on Saturday August 14, 2010, was the day he asked her to be his. She was the happiest girl in the world, just having the person you have a crush on ask you out feels really good inside.

So many months have gone by, and their love for one another grew more and more strong. Instead of just telling him that she loves him, she wanted to show him that every word she says is true.

They got so comfortable with each other, telling each other everything. Having those great memorable moments, slow dancing underneath the stars , all the laughter and jokes they had together, telling each other how much love they have for one another, having those late night sweet talks and so much more!

Yes, They had their ups and their downs, girls and boys trying to get between them but it did not stop them from being together. They promised each other that no matter what happens they will always make it through in the end together and that they will never leave each other for anyone.

Thirteen months have passed and their relationship became more intense, they couldn’t handle it anymore. All the arguing, yelling, they have tried so hard to fight for their relationship but nothing seem to work. If it wasn’t her it was him , if it wasn’t him it was her .

One night, everything just went all downhill. It was all her fault for accusing him of having another girl in the picture.

It then became a final end of their relationship. As he sits at home not feeling anything for her anymore, she is at home on the floor crying her eyes out. She thought it would not come to an end but she proved herself wrong, and now she is left heartbroken. She doesn’t know what to do at this point, as much as she doesn’t want to, she has to let go to a love she once knew.

She thought she couldn’t get through it; she is week as of right now because she lost the person that meant everything to her. All she can do is cry every time it comes to her mind. Knowing that she can’t change the way he feels now, all she can do is hope things will get better. She thought he would never leave but i guess that is why they say never say never. Everything they had spent together went all down the drain.

Many days later, she went to his house to return all his belongings. As she stared at him while he was walking towards her, her heart was beating so fast. She tried so hard to hold in her tears and to show him how strong she is. As they returned each other’s belongings she stared into his eye. She couldn’t bare the thought of not being with him anymore. As they said they’re goodbyes and rapped each other’s arms around one another other, tears had fallen out from her eyes.

She stood there crying her eyes out hoping his feelings for her would change. They looked into each other’s eyes, as tears came down their faces. Knowing that it has come to an end of their relationship. As she places a kiss on his cheek, she walked away hoping he would come running after her. She looked back and he was watching her walk away.

She learned that if you really love someone, you would fight to win them back into your arms. So she turned around walking towards, him yelling his name. All she cared about was getting that one person she loves back. As she stood in front of him with watery eyes.

She asked "You really don’t want to be with me?"

He replied " No, I losted it.”

As she looks looks in his eyes as her told her that, she couldn’t take it. It felt like he just ripped her heart out, went on a helicopter, flew thousands of miles out in the sea and dropped it. She was so weak knowing that the love of her life is gone.

She poured her heart out and begged for another chance. She told him that she would change and show him that she will do anything for him. She told him that she won’t accuse him anymore and how very sorry she was. She wanted to do everything in her power to show him how much she loves him.

In the past, after all the bad and horrible things he has done to her, she still gave him so many chances. Even when she lost feelings for him, she still took him back because she knew that she would gain the feelings back.

An hour later they were still talking, and she was still crying, hoping and praying he will take her back. As she spoke, he interrupted her with a kiss. Her heart dropped and happiness came out so fast. She couldn’t believe what had happen at that moment. She hugged him so tight having a big smile on her face. As they walked into his house, all she could think about was what had happen that very moment. All she wanted to do is hug and kiss him. As they sat in the living room, they kissed. He was the only person on her mind, No one else but him. As she gazed into his eyes trying her best to hold in those joyful tears, He placed A kiss on her lips, and smiled.

As she looked at him she said “I know your love for me isn’t as strong as before but I promise you I will show you and make you gain that love back."

He kissed her and said "It’s already coming back." She couldn’t believe what she heard; tears of joy came down her face. It was A new start of their beginning. Not wanting the time to go by fast, it was time for her to go. As he kissed her goodbye, she walked away with a big smile on her face feeling like it was the first time they met. When she got in the car and drove off her heart felt so much better, and knowing things will be okay.

Later that night when she came home from work, she called him. As they talked, she felt so complete. She didn’t want anything to ruin what she has now. As they said goodnight she couldn’t sleep, she was too happy that night. She thanked God for listening to her the night she prayed for him to give her another chance.

The next morning, she woke up with a smile just thinking about him not knowing what was going to happen next. She texted him saying "Good Morning, Baby <3"

45 minutes texted saying “I am sorry but I can’t do this, I thought my feelings would come back but it didn’t. I can’t be with you anymore." Not giving her a chance to show him anything, he gives up. He tells her so much and her world just ended within a blink of an eye. She sat on her bed crying her eyes out, and as she lifted her head up whipping the tears off her face. The only words that came out of her mouth were Thank You.

She decided to go running just to clear her mind from what had happen. All she kept telling herself is to keep her head up high with a beautiful smile, and just know that you’re the bigger person. As she ran, she passed his house; she stopped and looked at the street for 10 seconds, and walked away.

When she returned home she stopped in front of her house and just sat on the grass. Thinking about every moment that they had shared, small tears came down her face. As she walked into her house, she went straight into the shower. As she got out and put on her clothes, and just told herself that everything was all her fault. She lost the love of her life all because of her accusing him. She regrets everything she did to make him loose those feelings.

Later that night her best friend Alyssa and Jonathon called her telling her what Mick had told Jonathon. He told them that there was another girl checking him out, it was the same girl she accused him of being in the picture. Her heart couldn’t take the pain knowing that he can just let their love go just like that and have another girl come between them. She cried so hard to Alyssa and Jonathon. She cried and cried her eyes out yelling and screaming how can he do this to her?! They kept telling Chelsey to calm down and that he lost an amazing girl. They told her that she is stronger than he is and that she is the better person. She shouldn’t be crying for someone that is not worth it anymore, and that he will regret it sooner or later.

She realized that it was never her fault, she was right all along. She had a feeling that there was someone else in the picture. She wasn’t assuming, accusing or just wanting to be right. All this time she blamed herself for something she did not do.

She whispered to herself "I can love with all my heart and I have so much to give but being with someone who would just leave me for another girl, you don’t deserve me at all. I fought for you, I gave you everything of me and you repay me like this? "

She then knew that she will not regret, or go running back to him anymore. She deserves so much better than just a little boy who can’t face the truth that has to hide behind someone. At that point she had hate for him again, she didn’t care, he didn’t matter to her, and she lost everything for him. She thought that he was meant for her but he proved her wrong.

She was done getting hurt, done giving someone her heart and all they do is take advantage of it. She’s done trying to work everything out, hoping everything will turn out right in the end. She’s done thinking he would ever change, done thinking he was different but in reality he’s was the same person she thought he was from the beginning, a jerk, those type of fucked up boys who don’t care about a girl’s feelings and she was right, she was right all along. She fell in love with someone she thought was perfect in every way even after so many mistakes, but she was completely wrong.

She walked outside sat down on the grass; she gazed out to the sky. At that very moment she knew that her heart wasn’t going to be the same, but she told herself that everything will be okay. She realized that her world doesn’t revolve around one guy who she thought she loved, her world revolves around herself and people around her that care so much about her.

She thought about how much she did for him, and what she went through for him. She knew that if it wasn’t enough for him to see, he doesn’t deserve to have her nor her heart.

The next morning September 18, 2011 at 5:23 am, she woke up with a smile on her face. Even though she is still trying to get all the shattered heart pieces back together, and she knows it is going to be hard to find those pieces in the ocean. She now knows that once a guy comes into her life she will not to fall hard until he proves his love for her. It is not going to take one day, one week or one month to heal that special heart Chelsey has, But she knows as the days go by she will be the strongest women in the world. She then knew it was a new start of her beginning. A beginning of a stronger women who was once heartbroken.

The author's comments:
I wrote this because it is something I have went through and I decided to write what I am going through. I hope people will learn that even though you fall in love it may feel like the end of the world because your heart is shattered but never give up and in end you will be strong and make no man or women bring you down.

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