One Point of View For the Gays

January 7, 2012
By HelloSunshine BRONZE, Mission, Kansas
HelloSunshine BRONZE, Mission, Kansas
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Just the other day I was in the car when I noticed the truck in front of us had a bumper sticker reading, “Man + Woman= Right Marriage.” And beneath the big writing it said in smaller letters, “God Hates Fags.” After reading the person’s sticker every part of my body told me to go tell the driver exactly how I felt. About how he had no right to judge another living person on how he lives.

I’m not against gays or same gender marriage because I have always felt that if someone is happy than not to stop them. Not to say that I’m into girls or anything, but my aunt is, and I don’t think any less of her now than I did when I was born. I have no hate for her or for the way she lives.

The thing that must have really outraged me about the sign was the smaller letters, about how God hated gays. I’m a Christian and I’ve never doubted it, but the God that I know, the one in my church and in my house and who watches over me, has created these people and cares for them. How could He have made life, so precious and amazing, and then decide that because they fell in love with the same gender, He could not love them anymore?

At my school there are plenty of different races- whites, African Americans, Hispanic, Indian- and we all get along just fine, cheer together at sports events and help tutor one another. And all the adults in our neighborhood, no matter the skin, are friends or at least acquaintances. So if we can get along with different ethnicities, then why can we not get along with gays? Why must we think that just because we’re straight they must be too?

On the news they talk about people going to a soldier’s funeral with signs saying nasty, hateful things, and all I can think is how ungrateful those people truly are. Here, a man has just died, gave up his life so they could keep the religion they have, and all they can think about is how he chose to love. He had a family and a life, but they can’t seem to look past the fact that he was gay and see that he was a human being who breathed and ate and slept.

Some say being heterosexual is a sin in God’s eyes. But I have to question that. If God made a person just how they are, then he made them gay. So He can’t be too hard on the subject. And they shouldn’t have to repent for it. They should be able to feel how they feel and God should accept that and still love them, because he is the Father.
Saying that you hate your neighbor for being gay is like telling them you hate them for being blue- eyed. It’s how they were created. Not like they’re going to change. And I don’t want them to. I think it’s best for them to have a couple haters then be unhappy.

The author's comments:
I know people are going to judge me on this and tell me about God and the Bible, but I am simply stating my mind. And don't tell me I don't love God or God doesn't love me, because I know that isn't true.

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