I Am A Monster.

December 20, 2011
By jensenmarcelle SILVER, Ormond Beach, Florida
jensenmarcelle SILVER, Ormond Beach, Florida
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No matter where we go or what we do we must live life within the contents of our heads.

I don’t know if it means less after everything I’ve put you through but I still do. I just can’t love you in the way that you want anymore. You’re not right, I’m not right, it’s not right. Anyway you spin it we’re both screwed. I don’t understand why we keep feeding this fire. Soon it’ll overtake us and we’ll have empty spaces where our hearts used to be. Do you believe that we can honestly make right what has been wrong for so long? And I’m not trying to be sarcastic…do you honestly believe it? Because if you do maybe we could fix this; fix this mother effin mess that we’ve made and keep making, because maybe we could…but what if it goes terribly wrong and what if the monster gets out of my head again…what if I can’t control the beast? But does love really conquer all? Could we work through it; work past it, together? Would you still love me? You would. I just don’t want to see you have to go through all that again..just for me. What is right? Am I that selfish that I’d screw with your happiness to make my soul whole? Watching you suffer because I want you. Or would I be doing the right thing because I know I’m what you want? I just don’t know anymore.

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