Trust or Trust Me Not

December 1, 2011
By , Archdale, NC
When your in love for the first time it seems like nothing can go wrong... but the reality is that there will always be someone that doesn't approve. For some people it's their parents whether they don't think your old enough or they don't like who your dating they'll always judge who you are in love with. Although you want to be able to do what you want you can't be sure if your heart knows what you want... that means you can trust yourself too much. You'd probably say, "I know what I'm doing let me make my own choice.... trust me". Sometimes that works with parents but unfortunately that's not always the case so what do you do then? Do you go off and do what you want anyways or do you listen to "the voice of reason"? Or do you just give up?In every one's life there's a point where your decision will have to deviate from what others want, so why not make your stand and say "I'm going to trust myself and do what I want"?

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