Age does matter

November 29, 2011
A famous saying still rings true today, "Age ain't nothing but a number." Unfortunately, that saying is utterly ridiculous because age does matter.

Between 1906-1910, the average age at marriage for men was 29.8 and 26.3 for women. This correlates a steady three year difference between the two sexes, a statistic that has stayed consistent throughout time. In real life, most relationships consists of one partner being two or three years older than the significant other.

In most situations, the woman is always dating an older man. This is understandable because it is a scientific fact that girls mature faster than boys therefore leading to the girl dating two or three years her senior. Although a natural law between men and women, it does not condone those relationships with age gaps consisting of more than three years.

Next year, freshman will begin attending Spanaway Lake due to budget cuts within the district. This will reportedly save the school district a significant amount of money over a period time, but the school will experience changes beyond enforcing curriculum's and overpopulation. Once fresh meat has hit the hallways, what's stoppping an upperclassman from robbing the cradle?

Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Donald Trump, Hugh Hefner, and George Clooney are among the many faces that paint a glamorous vision of wide age gap relationships. Yet the fact is that most relationships with large age gaps don't last very long, and working to stay together is not a walk in the park. Our culture has become focused with self-satisfaction and the mentality of always getting the next best thing which therefore leads to the demise of relationships with large age gaps.

Especially in high school where people still care about their materialistic desires above anything else, how can a relationship with a four year difference successfully survive? As if there weren't enough things pitting high school relationships from not lasting. As we get older, a wide age gap is found more common within relationships but it doesn't necessarily mean that this is socially acceptable. To the contrary, a significant age gap between two people in a relationship is still found taboo.

Let's be honest, do we really find those 67-year-old men dating 23-year-old women adorable? Every time I see a couple like this, I can't help but to picture what it would be like to date one of my friends' dads. I eventually get a sick feeling in my stomach and then proceed throwing up in my mouth a minute later.

If you are truly in love with someone who is a lot younger than you, then this article should have no affect to your judgment whatsoever because love is blind. On the other hand, just because love is blind, it doesn't mean you have to be. A wise man once said, "If she still has coloring books, she's too young for you bro!"

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BloomingRaine said...
May 17, 2015 at 11:11 am
I know that this might be harsh, but did someone you love really hurt you that badly to post this? Age doesn't matter. Throw up all you want, just don't interfere with another else's love!
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