The Directions

January 5, 2012
There's this thing, some call it pure magic, and some call it unreal. But everyone simply knows it as Love. Now this subject, this matter, is hard to put into simple words. What is love? its a noun, adjective, and verb. Love is the most complex matter in this God forsaken ball of dirt. It has no definition because how could you even come close to defining it? Its like how do you describe a banana? You might think bananay. Like so love is just love... Its this absurd feeling of happiness, doubt, butterflies, and joy wrapped up into this amazing feeling.

But how do you love? You love like no one is watching, love like your dancing in the rain without a single care of what tomorrow will bring. Love like your life depends on it. Love open heartily. Love in all ways possible. Just love.

You can love a person, place, or thing. Love can be your God. Love can be the look in a mothers eyes, as she looks down at her child. Love can be your favorite memory with your Best friends set on replay. Love can be growing old with that certain someone. Love can be anything you dream of. Love can be your dream.

Now why bother with this ordeal of love? Simply because without love in this big wide universe what would we have? How could we survive? Love should be felt once in a human beings life. That love could be with in a family, a man/woman, or in your God. Love is growing. Could you live without air. I hope you thought no.... Without this word, without this feeling, without this knowledge, without this amazingly blessed gift from that certain higher power. What would we honestly do?

Love does not discriminate, it has no eyes to color, religion, age, or sexual preference. Love was here a trillion years ago, its here today, it'll be here tomorrow and for the next billion years. Love will always be here. Its just up to us to find it.

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