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January 4, 2012
By Anonymous

OK so we're at the age now where we seem to fall in love quite quick and where not thinking properly don't ya think. i think that we need more time, yes there is nothing wrong with love but think about your future ahead of you. First get a good job and work hard then focus on everything else. What I'm trying to say here is be careful the world is a weird place and you don't want to grow up to quick. just take time with your job and your future before your a mum or dad!!

The author's comments:
i hope that people will learn that a good life is a good job. what inspired me was i know a lot of young mothers like 17/18 year old and i don't think that they released having a child means they need time with you, you need to look after them. so if you focus on your job and then when your happy and sure of it go ahead!!

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