December 14, 2011
By tim walther BRONZE, Sedan, Kentucky
tim walther BRONZE, Sedan, Kentucky
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Everyone in today’s society is shallow, some a little more than others. But is it wrong to be shallow? To me being shallow is a part of human nature, you can control it but you can’t get rid of it. So why is it so bad to be shallow; reject or not like someone because of a certain reason? Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

To be shallow is to be judgmental, and being shallow doesn’t just happen in a relationship. People are shallow in various ways, for instance not liking someone because of their hair, or because they like certain music. But the simplest way to give an example on how people are shallow is to discuss about what our genders look for in a partner. In the end it all comes down to a self-made list, a criteria that the person uses to pick out a suitable partner. It varies between guys and girls but they have some similarities.

Men are that of a more physical nature the women. They want a girl who is hot and sexy, a girl who is not nagging. Most of the time they want a girl who is shorter than them or the same height, never one that is taller. They want a girl who can sit down and watch the game with them. You see, Men love explaining sports to women. It’s something they understand and think they can help you understand. Now these qualities are hard to find, but not impossible. So what do they do? They go out and find the hottest girls we can, see if the come close to fitting the criteria. A trial and error type of thing, and sometimes they get lucky and get a girl exactly like that. To those men who do, congratulations, and to those who don’t, just remember this fact. “Every girl is crazy; you just have to find one crazy enough to put up with.” – Wesley Copeland Sr.

Now women, their list is way more complex, their list has more than just looks on it. Women seem to like men with not only broad shoulders and muscles, but also with an open mind and a caring soul. They like men who can wrap their arms around them and make them feel safe, but not a clingy guy who never leaves there side. They want someone to tell them they’re beautiful every day and to support them. But here’s the kicker guy, “if you don’t have the dough, she’s going to roll.” – Timothy Joseph W. Sr.

Girls always say money doesn’t matter but it actually does, they want to be spoiled like a princess. But what’s wrong with that? Should men despise women just because the want to be treated properly? Should women despise men for wanting a female with great looks?

To conclude this essay I say this. Everyone has a set list of what they want in a person, which does not make them shallow. That list is what would make that person happy, so why judge them for it? Everyone has the right to be happy, everyone knows what they want. Just because you got shot down or dumped by someone doesn’t mean that person is a jerk or a skank. Its means you weren’t what they were looking for, but don’t get down about it. I’m mean “Hey, there a trillion people on this earth. Keep looking.”- Timothy W. Jr.

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DoloresDarling, Cambridge, Ohio
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I really enjoyed reading this, it was quite honest and it got the point across. I don't really like shallow people, but like you said, almost everyone has the ability to seem that way. I try not to be though.Good job!


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