A Love Like Romeo and Juliet

December 13, 2011
By tttaylorreene BRONZE, Sharon, Pennsylvania
tttaylorreene BRONZE, Sharon, Pennsylvania
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Its kinda sad to think about it...people putting love letters on the wall of juliet! To think that someday they might find love like Romeo and Juliet. People still today believe that if they put their letter on the wall that their love will magically come back to them or they will run into the perfect guy. When that happens please let me know. I'll be sure to get the first flight over their and put my dream man on the wall. Its the thrill of just writing that letter and putting it on the wall. It doesnt matter that millions of people will see it or even take pictures of it. Its the fact that love is so strong we do silly things to even feel it. That maybe just maybe we'll find a love like Romeo and Juliet. Is it likely? In my opinion its not likely at all, is it okay to hope and wish? Sure what else would have to look forward too then finding the most perfect love. To me this quote stands out, " When we are young we read and believe the most fantastic things." This is very true. When your little you always pictured yourself in a castle with price charming living the perfect life no worries or cares just love. As you grow up you realize and stop believing in prince charming and perfect endings. Do we still read them and hope? Yes its like living 2 lives. A perfect fairy tale with everything so perfect then reality sets in and life isnt as easy as that. Romeo and Juliet made love seem impossible not everyday do you find someone who is willing to take their own life to just be with you in heaven. Juliet knew she would never live without Romeo so she took her own life. Thats more then LOVE.
Its one thing to be loved its another to love someone its a whole different story when you love and your loved back. Reading the play or even the story makes me sad and a little jealous of the love they shared. Maybe the story isnt true maybe it is but either way what they shared was a lot more then love. They took love to a whole new level. In todays world the word "love" that little L word doesnt mean as much and is way over used. Im sure you still get the stupid butterflies in your stomach when someone says it to you but it just shouldnt be tossed around like that unless your willing to take your own life for that person. Im sure most if you are thinking yeah sure i would but if it ever came down to it you never would. If you really loved that person it wouldnt even be a question. Love...what is the definition of love? An intense feeling of deep affection. This is what a dictionary would say. Thanks for the hopeless love Romeo and juliet. Someday im hopeing ill get to see the wall and put my letter up their. Maybe just maybe if im lucky ill run into my prince charming and live happily ever after. But who am i kidding back to reality.

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Just a little review on love and Romeo and Juliet.

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Good content and philoshophy, spellcheck got you a lot though. Especaillyon there, their, and they're. "Their" is possesive: Their dog barked. I liked their cassarole. "There" is a place. There is a new car parked out front. There is a new pizza place in town. "They're" is the contraction for they are. They're at a night club. They're profusely making out at a night club. Hoped this helped!

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