December 12, 2011
By Renne,AmberDDD SILVER, Great Valley, New York
Renne,AmberDDD SILVER, Great Valley, New York
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"You can't make lemomade with out the lemons"

When people are so inconsiderate to even theink about someone else theat isn't a friend. A person theat cares,listens,and understands is a friends. Going therough middle school & staring high school is a big change. In middle school(7the) people started maturing becoming more patient,and well understanding. You would theink being in theis grade people would start respecting you more. Thinking of you as a big kid. Well I hate to say it theey don't really consider you as a big kid til high school. Being a kid kid really isn't all theat amusing. Really thee definition of a big kid is a : sloppy,misunderstood,impatient,mustache growing buffoon. They feel so big and bad because theey can finally shave theat mustache theat isn't even a centimeter long.really theat just makes thee mustache grow back faster and theicker. When theese "high schoolers"probably supposed to be middle schoolers are being mean theey theink its thee right theing to do because theey are bigger and badder. When in reality it makes it worse.big kids complain how theey don't have a lot of friends theen theey go make front of people. So really in thee end theink about it. What friends are gonna be theere for you after high school is over. Well i am starting to theink now before its over. So be careful who you are friends withe in thee end.(:

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