Finding a Keeper

December 6, 2011
When there’s that certain someone in life that means something to you, it’s definitely special. Not only is it special but also that certain someone must be very special. When you are looking for that person, that one person that could make all your dreams come true, you need to take that chance, it’s that same person that you cannot stop thinking about when you wake up and go to sleep at night.

In the normal life, you find that special person even if you’re looking for them for years. Some people find them at an early age and some at an elder age. Those people that find them at an early age are lucky because if they do find that person, they could be in for a great relationship that may last a long time. You share memories with that people wish they had.

You know you have found that person when he or she can practically read your mind and can relate to you when you are going through rough times. When that person will go so far out of their way to see you or be with you that they will drive to an endless distance at any time. You know you have found the right person when you can go through a distant relationship with little or no problems at all. That’s how you know that you have found someone special in your life. That’s how you know you have found yourself a keeper.

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