Teenage 'Love'.. (3 types)

November 21, 2011
By thecharles BRONZE, Parker, Colorado
thecharles BRONZE, Parker, Colorado
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The best advice you can ever give someone, is to be yourself.
because you never want someone to like you for who you're not.

Teenage Love is like… exploring caves; you enter the deep end you never wanted to go down. It is cruel, boring, hateful, awesome, loving, sensational, painful, depressing, wild, exciting, erotic, and filled with so much drama it could be its own T.V. show. There are three types of relationships in high school that most teens know about. They are the relationships that form because of popularity and what society thinks, the relationships based on how the opposite sex looks (so lust), and last but certainly not least is the relationship that are between two best friends.

The relationships that last the shortest are the relationships based on society’s opinion. These occur mostly in freshman year of high school and last from days to maybe a couple weeks. These are based on the teenagers impulses and isn’t what they truly want. It is almost as if they were pressured into dating someone. This makes the individual uncomfortable but since it is based on what society wants it brings them popularity. The relationship usually lasts longer if the couple just wants attention. These people usually have not received much attention in their lives, which makes them do anything for attention. These people later on become the high school “s***s” or “players” because after their failed relationship they go get another relationship because the lack of attention they receive.

The next type of relationship sometimes lasts a little bit longer. These relationships occur anywhere from freshman year to even college. These relationships are based on one another’s looks. For guys if a teenage girl has huge boobs, a nice ass, and a sexy face, they are perfect! Many guys will go after these types of girls and date them because of their looks. They date them because it gives them a chance to satisfy their sexual desire, their horny-ness. If the girl finds the guy attractive, as in nice body, nice hair, and face, they will also date them. If this guy has a bad reputation they will most likely not date them, but if she has a bad relationship… the guy won’t care at all! Peers will comment to these couples saying how cute they look merely because they think one of them is drop dead sexy! These couples last from several weeks (because the sexual benefits they have), to a couple of months. They usually have very abrupt break ups due to the fact they can’t stand each other, but 50% of the time get back together then break up again. They sometimes last a long time due to commitment. Commitment is one of the biggest contributions from both male and female to a successful relationship.

Last but not least, the relationship that lasts the longest and is the most successful are the ones between two best friends. Someone you grow up with or someone you are completely yourself with. Before you two date, one of you talks about being together. Usually the girl says that she doesn’t want to date, because she doesn’t want to ruin your “friendship”. The people that say that sometimes are out of sympathy and just don’t want to date you. But if your absolute ‘BEST FRIEND’ says that, then she really does not want to ruin your relationship as friends. These are the people you end up staying with for a long time and sometimes end up marrying. These types of people are your best friends. You see through their looks and see their personality and their intelligence are the sexiest thing ever. It doesn’t matter what their physical appearance looks like, because you feel a deep connection so pure and natural. You’re not forcing that “connection” between each other, and don’t have to think twice about what you say around them because of how close you are. These are the people you should try and date, not the ones where you feel you are trying to make it something it’s not.

These relationships I believe are the most common in high school. Deep down everyone wants and needs to find their “soul mate”. If you are looking for it but can’t find it, then you need to stop and realize what you have and stop taking everything for granted. If you don’t then you’ll be looking for a long time and you will stray away from them and if you think you might’ve found them compare them to your best friend. 1% of all high school relationships will last past high school onto marriage. I guarantee all of your soul mates are right in front of your eyes, right under your nose; you just need to stop and realize it.

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