Love, Hate, Marriage?

November 3, 2011
By Breanna Helm BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
Breanna Helm BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
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People learn a lot from their marriage. Those who wait until they are the right age will have a better, long lasting marriage, those who have that special bond between them, and will know when the time is right for this kind of commitment.

Many people divorce very early in their marriage because they marry at an early age. Rushing into relationships is very common and marriage is not too far behind. At a young age, people are more vulnerable and they stumble in the end. Teens at a young age do not give themselves a chance to grow with one another. Getting married as fast as they can is an excuse for not breaking up or it is the “cool” thing to do now.

Young adults get divorce because they realize they are not compatible with each other. There is an old saying “she walks up the isle with one man and walks down with another.” We do notreally know him, do we? Those who get hurt in the end wonder what went wrong. In truth, that person didn'treally know who they were marrying with, and when they found out then it was not good. They say “opposites attract”, but unfortunately no one really knows who they want until they have that special someone.

Many people that divorce very early in their marriage realize that they do not have that special bond between them. Marriage ties the knot; therefore, it makes the couple one. You have so many responsibilities and commitments to make. A bond that everyone talks about it is like a connection one has with another person, and it is unbreakable and irreplaceable. This bond gets stronger as the couple and their relationship grows. If they do not have a connection with one another, then that “bond” was never there to begin with.

What have we learned here? It is okay to get married at an early age. Just remember to prepare for many other difficult struggles. Not every marriage makes it; some marriages do, but not all. It is in people's best interest to consider all possibilities and think before making a huge commitment

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