The hurt of abusive realtionships.

November 3, 2011
By jsalyers BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
jsalyers BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
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Abuse hurts many girls; it affects their mind. Many girls are unknowingly abused in a relationship everyday .Could this situation be stopped? 32% of relationships are abusive whether it is verbally, mentally, or physically and rarely is this stopped. Women put up with the pain and hurt of an abusive relationship because they are in denial, they have a strong emotional connection with them, and they are told or make up reasons.

When in denial they act like it is not happening. Unfortunately many girls also look past the whole situation and hope maybe it will just stop. Teen girls also play it off like the whole abuse is not happening. They laugh put on an act to everyone that it is a perfect relationship just so nobody knows what is truly going on. When you see that girl with the smile always on her face but the aggressive, mean, and controlling boyfriend, have you ever thought maybe she is acting like nothing is going on just so she does not lose her so called “everything?” Multiple girls ask their partner to stop in hopes it will but throughout the whole thing the girl is afraid, scared, and hopes everything will magically get better but in actuality deep down inside she knows it will never change and possibly only get worse.

Many girls will not let go of a guy because she has a strong emotional connection for him. As much as she would like to leave him she just loves him too much. But holding on to an abusive relationship is a poor choice; you are only hurting yourself in the long run. The girl would feel better and be way happier single except that girl might be too scared to try and take a chance. The most popular reason girls get mentally and emotionally attached to an abusive man is because that is all they have ever known or seen. A common thought a girls has is that they love that man and it could not get any worse than it already is. Sadly it only gets worse.

Men tend to fill a girls mind that they abuse them on accident because something tragic happened in their past and they do not know how to control the anger. The most told reasons that a boyfriend is abusive is their parents abused them, they have trust issues, and a previous partner hurt them emotionally. Sadly ninety nine percent of girls accept the fact they are abusive because of these bad reason. Although they got hurt previously they should only try to make their future and present better by changing their actions and their happenings.

Many girls put up with the pain and hurt of an abusive relationship because they believe they love the man they are with and deeply fear losing what they think is the best they could ever get. No matter what a man says it is never okay to be abused whether it is emotionally, verbally or physically. Breaking up with your boyfriend is truly the only way to get rid of all the pain and hurt even if it hurts at first to break up it will only get better in the future.

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