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November 3, 2011
By AlexaSchottin BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
AlexaSchottin BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
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Relationships are like lazy people; they don’t usually workout. Only two percent of high school relationships actually last into marriage. Is having a boyfriend/ girlfriend worth that life long lasting emotional damage? Today’s relationships in high school are unhealthy because couples are moving at incredible speed, it ruins relationships with loved ones, and causes unhealthy mood swings.

Today’s relationships in high school are unhealthy because couples are moving at incredible speed. Many couples tell each other they love each other after dating for only two days! Just because you are in a relationship does not mean you are in love. I believe you can love someone as a person, an individual that you look up to and want to be with every second of the day. I love my friends, family, and boyfriend because they hold characteristics that I cherish and have feelings back for me. That is loving and caring about an individual but being in love at this age is not possible. When you are old, married, and have grand kids is when you are in love. Being in love comes far after you date someone for a little while. Many couples begin to have a sexual relationship way too early. My friend cried in class for a week because she lost her virginity to her boyfriend whom she only dated for 2 weeks! Having sex should only come up after years and years of dating. I think a true, loving, and healthy relationship is kissing in the rain, going on dates when the boy pays, holding hands, and showing your boyfriend/ girlfriend off to the world proudly. Sex only complicates things and spreads around school like a wild fire. Relationships in high school never have space or a “personal bubble.” Lately my friend broke up with his girlfriend and she was horrified. She cried at school in front of everyone for weeks on end. Due to her ditching all her friends and focusing only on her boyfriend after he broke up with her she was alone. She roams the halls without anyone with her and looks lost. She is depressed and told me she regrets not keeping any friends during her relationship. I really feel bad for her but you can’t pretend like you’re going to get married and live happily ever after.

Today’s relationships in high school are unhealthy because they ruin relationships with loved ones. Many young ladies are caught having a boyfriend when they are not supposed to or they sneak around with their boyfriend behind their parents backs. For instance, my Mormon friend was caught dating a boy and she was grounded for the whole summer; but, she continues to date as a way to get back at her parents. This makes parents lose trust in their kids and trust is such a hard thing to gain back. When couples break up they often never talk again. Many girls I know have had over 20 boyfriends so they lose a ton of good friends. After a breakup, many rumors are spread about each other as revenge. I remember this one boy saying that his ex could not make out and people put it online for the whole world to see. She was so embarrassed she wouldn’t talk to anyone at school for weeks. Relationships in high school do nothing but cause unnecessary drama. On my volleyball team 4 of us have boyfriends and we are constantly talking about our relationship problems. The other girls also have boy problems and many of us cry each week. This hurts the team because our players are not focused. Relationships and pain go hand and hand.
Today’s relationships in high school are unhealthy because they cause unhealthy mood changes. Heartbreaks are a huge thing in high school. Every one of my friends has gone through

heartbreak this year and I would have to help them get through all the depression. One of my close friends used to call me every night crying about this boy she was obsessed with. It was terrible because before she was a great student and never did anything wrong until he told her he would never love her. She felt she was forced to find a way out of the hurting. She chose to quit at school, sneak out, and drink. Depression often occurs after a long relationship. Many guys easily move on while the girl grieves for month’s maybe even years. Also, I have heard of uncountable breakups because their partner cheats on them. Cheating is a horrible thing. Yet, it happens all the time. Relationships are not a test so why cheat?

Relationships can be the best thing ever at first but after a few weeks you see the true colors of your boyfriend/ girlfriend and the Happily Ever After dream vanishes. Today’s relationships in high school are unhealthy because couples are moving vastly, they ruin relationships with loved ones, and causes unhealthy mood changes. Being in love is like a drug because it feels good during but the result is nothing but emotional and (or) physical damage.

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