Good Guys, Bad Girls

November 1, 2011
By Missoutsider BRONZE, Tunapuna, Other
Missoutsider BRONZE, Tunapuna, Other
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Guys,from a female perspective,it's unattractive and such a huge turnoff to talk about things you don't have. Yes we want a guy who can dress,but to always talk about swag,is one of the lamest things you can do,guarantees you won't score big with a girl,at least not a intelligent focused one,and it's even worst when you don't have 'swag'. We know the truth,and its even worst to constantly update your status or tweet about money,when you don't have, are you a rapper? Then don't do that,we can barely stand when they get paid to sing about these things,far less when you're doing it. We don't have to know how much money you have,but when that's all you talk about,'getting money'99 percent of the time,especially if you're young and done have a job,or at least a good one,we know you're fronting. Don't brag about sex either,self explanatory,don't play it down either,because you may blow your chances. A big one for us girls,that guys don't get,its not 'girls say they want a nice guy but when one comes along she ignores him'. First thing first,there are very FEW 'nice' guys out there,so don't act as though you're a nice guy and girls are over rated for not wanting you,when you know its far from the truth. And on a side note,girls please don't fall for these stupid guys with their stupid lines.For the few nice guys there are,this is for you,its not that we females don't want a nice guy,we do,you guys just sometimes come across as too clingy,or move to fast,show her affection,but not so much as for her to feel absolutely sick of you because you're 'too' nice,that is a turn off,especially if you're unsure as to how she feels about you. If you're not sure,show her enough affection as to know you are different,but not so much that she runs off into the arms of some 'no good'. Don't be too willing to please,especially not right away, show her that you are a man and not just some pathetic sap who can't get a girlfriend,this does not mean that you should treat her like some stupid ex did,just assert yourself,show her that you can be soft and sweet as well as stand your ground. Be versed in the things she like,but not so willing as to only do whatever she wants because you think she'll like you more if you do,show her your world as well. Don't start with babies,marriage and a life together before you even know if she likes you. Such a turn off and will guarantee 'phys-co' in her book. Make her laugh,can't stress how important this is,a girl loves to laugh,don't be anti conversation,it's a turn off when a female has to initiate all the conversations,make her want you,not sexually,but intellectually,if she isn't excited or looking forward to your next conversation or meeting then you've done something wrong,be an ear,but not one who just listens to her stories about her ex,especially not when you want to make her more. Most importantly,what's for you,is for you,if one fish doesn't bite,another one will. Don't be discouraged,just take it as a lesson learned,this does not by any means,mean turn into an asshole. God knows how many of these we already have in this world,we do not need anymore.

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I'm pretty tired of hearing that girls don't want a nice guy,because we do. At least most of us,anyway. But there is such a thing as too nice.

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