How I Feel

October 18, 2011
By Anonymous

I just cant get you out of my mind. Im in biology and I cant concentrate. All im thinking about is you. We have chemistry that we cant hide. I've tried using all my strength and power but you win overall. I cant control my thoughts or mind. Everything relates to you! Im tired of lying. At first, I told you the whole truth, full truth and nothing but the truth but now its just permantly there. Im scared. Why be fake anymore? We both know the full truth and love Rose, so why make it complicated. I've told you so much and yet your mind stays the same. I cant do this to myself anymore. Im not willig to break and hurt myself. Just admit it. Tears fall of pain from all the happiness you bring. Where are you now? What do I do? What do you do when your love hates you? Why act this way? Why be fake? I accept you! Just let me take you for granted a few times. PLZ! Im pleading out to you! My babe, trust me. My love, know im pouring. Emotionally stoned, cold hard stone. Wanna take a test on you to see the outcome. What happens from here, were pulling at eachother. Where do we go from here? Where are we even at? So many thoughts. So much fear. Im distraught but at the same time half of you. Soul, Heart, Mind, Body, Hands, Smile, Face, Lips, Ring, Jewelry, acting,Prayers, Me&You. Faith, Praise,Sports, Willig, Mind-blown,You. Mine, You are, forever-More, US. Are you mine? Who's am I? How are you, Who are you, Where are you, Why, When will you get to the place im at?


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