True Love Redefined

October 15, 2011
By Dennis Howl BRONZE, Watauga, Texas
Dennis Howl BRONZE, Watauga, Texas
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There is such thing as love, but people often misinterpret what love actually means. Young turtle doves in the park cuddling and telling each other that they love one another is not true love, it's just childish affection.

"Love at first sight" is a load of crap, because you can't truly love someone at a glance. It could be "lust at first sight" or maybe even "interest at first sight," but never could you love someone at first sight.

Love is something you build together, something that comes with time and trust. When you can see all the sides of someone and still find beauty in them is when you can finally call it love. But prey in mind, you don't have to love every side of them, you just need to be able to tolerate the ugly sides, and love the pretty sides they have that make you happy.

True love also shouldn't come with conditions. For example, "i can love you, i just won't until you shave your beard." If you sincerely loved him, then you would have looked past his scruffy face and see him for his innards. Or if you're to shallow to accept someones little blemishes, then you probably should stop trying to look for love, because you can't find it with such a mentality.

Another point, in regard to the last, is that you shouldn't look for perfection in someone, because you're gonna be disappointed with the results. Remember, you're not perfect, so why try and ask for your partner to be. Again, if you look past their (often several) blemishes, then you can see the person you just might be able to love.

One of the strongest hindrances to finding love is shyness. It gets in the way of a lot of things, but love is one of its favorites to cause trouble for. The best cure for this cancer is to remind yourself that they're still a person, still have a heart, and can still deduce that you're scared. I know that's easier said that done, because i too have fallen into a bashful grip, but if you think they're worth it, then take the gamble. If they reject you, then oh well! You tried, and at least you'll never have to not know. But if they act like a jerk to you after you tried asking them out, then they weren't worth the time anyways, so you just dodged a bullet there.

On a more depressing note, you will undoubtedly have break-ups, and ugly ones tend to be in order. But if you still have feelings for your divorced partner, then fret not, for you will soon be able to say his name and scoff at how childish and rude he/she was. If you break-up, it's not the end of the world, it just means you didn't find the right one yet.

You should never give up on finding love, because if you can find it, you'll be happier than anyone could ever say true. They will undoubtedly have flaws, but if you can look past their cracks and bumps, you'll see something no one else can see. It's not always easy, and you are in for a long journey, but when you reach the end, you'll know it was all worth the risk.

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