October 13, 2011
By rachel21 BRONZE, Marrero, Louisiana
rachel21 BRONZE, Marrero, Louisiana
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there's a lot about relationships that people don't know, and most people get mixed up. being in a relationship is like a job, you have to work hard sometimes to keep it going. I can't lie at all, relationships can be very stressful and overwelming for one person in the relationship or for the both of them. most of the time when people are always fussing and not getting along in there relatonships is because neither of them are communicating properly. one of them are always trying to find something wrong to fuss about. Why? because for some reason one of them is always thnking that their partner is doing something wrong. there is no relationship without trust being involved. Why? because trust is the most important thing to keep a relationshp going. What most people don't do is talk with each other and began to set their standards within their relationship. The most common thing/the breakup of relationships that people always seem to do is cheat on one another or let other people get involved with their relationship and mess it up. people who cheat on each other, still have no idea of what they want in life. So they shouldn't be in any relationships until they know what they really want. No one should be in a relationship until they are mentally and emotionally ready to be in one.

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