A Question I'll Never Answer...A Door I'll Never Cross

September 16, 2011
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I knew that this day would happen... I knew that I’ll face the truth again, I knew That I’ll be as confused as before but I didn’t do anything to stop what was going to happen. Why do I always have to be hurt and feel bad each time I fall in love? A question I’ll never answer.
I told myself I'll be free one day, I’ll be able to live as people, to love, to smile, to succeed...but I couldn’t. Life gave me a lot it gave me: “success” , something that people don’t have or don’t achieve but me, I have it, I don’t even work hard for it or look after it. Life gave me:”intelligence” something I’m proud of because it’s kind of rare these days. But life took from me something else; actually I think it didn’t give it to me at all: “love”, yes love I have never been lucky in love and I don’t think I will be one day but I still have a little hope... that was a long time ago today I know that whatever I do I will always hit the wall, I’ll never cross the love door, I’ll never feel as other people do. I hurt myself by my own.

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ngaynor111 said...
Sept. 27, 2011 at 8:38 pm
This is really a beautiful piece! I can really relate to how you feel. You put into words what I've always wanted to say! This was so moving, thank you!
yasmeentepa replied...
Sept. 28, 2011 at 11:36 am
you're the one who should be thanked!! i write only what i feel, i'm glade you like it!
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